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LCD Emulator System

LCD Emulator System is a complete software/hardware package for measuring and displaying LCD driver status on PC/Windows screen.

Connect your PC instead of LCD display to your signal source.


With LCD Emulator System you can start software development and see the actual LCD behaviour on Windows display even before ordering custom LCD device from your manufacturer.

Now you can effectively use the three months it usually takes to get the final LCD after its layout has been approved and the LCD has been ordered.

The System includes the following programs:

  • LCD Emulator

  • LCD Edit

LCD Emulator

See your LCDs, designed with LCDEdit, on your PC screen as if they were fully functional LCDs.

With one multi-function I/O measuring board you can view up to 768 LCD segment states.


System Requirements

  • Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000

  • Pentium III or higher

LCD Edit

LCD Edit is a Windows program for defining a custom LCD for Windows animation, simulation and emulation.


  • Drag & drop new segments into LCD layot or move selected segments to preferred place.

  • Viewing COM and SEG connections
    Select View - ComSeg Connections to view connections. You can check LCD layout and find possible flaws in your LCD design.


  • Adding background picture into LCD layout
    Emulate and view LCD in its final casing .